CP-Series (Cantilever Parametric) Probe Cards

The CP-Series Probe Card enables high-precision parametric measurements with extremely low leakage current. When used in conjunction with a high-precision test system, the resulting leakage current can be as low as 1fA at 1VDC. Currently, JEM America is an approved probe card vendor for the following parametric test systems:

  • Agilent 4062/4071/4073 Parametric Test System
  • Keithley S600/S630 Parametric Test System

Given that the parametric testing environment demands very precise electrical performance, we developed a special probe card structure for the CP-Series probe cards. The low leakage probe utilizes a coaxial shield that can be driven (with a guard driver) to act as a guard. Each probe is hand built by our highly skilled technician. The probe card structure also reduces the capacitance to level which is much lower than the typical probe cards. For outgoing QA testing, we use specialized measurement equipment from Agilent and Keithley to measure the leakage of each probe. This ensures that the finished probe card has perfect signal integrity and meets our customer's leakage requirement.


CP-Series Probe Card for Keithley S600
CP-Series Probe Card for Agilent 4062
CP-Series Probe Card for Agilent 4071
CP-Series Probe Card for Agilent 4073
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