Cantilever Probe Cards

JEM America has been specializing in Cantilever probe cards for memory and logic devices for over 20 years. Cantilever probe card is a robust, cost-effective probing solution for applications such as high parallelism, fine pitch, parametric testing, etc. The quality of our cantilever probe card has excellent reputation in the industry. One of the contributing factors is the quality of our probe card design. Our designers conduct probe spacing and gram force analysis as well as simulation of probe card warpage due to high temperature and high probe force in order to achieve optimized probe geometries. These analyses are imperative in ensuring uniform probe force, contact resistance and scrub mark.

By implementing automatic documentation and standardizing manufacturing processes, JEM America has the capability to offer quick turnaround to our customers. We keep a wide variety of generic PCBs for the most current tester platforms in stock. To further enhance our quick-turn capability, we equipped our manufacturing facility with in-house laser machine to make custom ceramic contoured ring and other fixtures for individual devices quickly.

JEM's Cantilever Probe Card consists of four main components: Probe/Sensor, Ring, Epoxy, and PCB. The probe card structure is shown in the figure below. For more details, please refer to the Cantilever Probe Card Basics. If you are interested in learning our specifications, please contact your JEM sales representative or JEM America directly.



Product Name  
Multi-Dut Probe Cards
Logic Shelf Probe Cards
Cantilever Parametric Probe Cards
Special Applications Probe Cards
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