Logic Shelf Probe Cards

In search of a more efficient probing approach for logic devices, JEM developed the Logic Shelf Probe Cards.  The Logic Shelf probe cards are recommended for devices with peripheral pads.  Based on the existing cantilever technology, the Logic Shelf probe card features a bridge construction and a unique probe layout. Compared to the conventional diagonal quad configuration, the bridge construction offers more consistent scrub marks and balanced contact force while the unique probe layout results in higher test productivity. In a test productivity study with 200mm wafer, the conventional diagonal quad probe card required 89 touchdowns to test one wafer while the Logic Shelf 2x2 probe card required only 75 touchdowns. That equals to 15% reduction in touchdowns. With fewer touchdowns required, test time will be shortened and throughput will be increased, contributing to lower cost of ownership.

 1x2 and 2x2 configurations are available.  Other configurations may be available upon request.

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