Multi-Dut Probe Cards

Multi-Dut Probe Cards allow our customers to make full use of the advanced ATE performance, leading to significant reduction in test time and test costs. As 300mm wafers continue to gain popularity among memory manufacturers, increasing test efficiency and keeping cost of test low have become more important than ever before.

JEM's multi-dut probe card is a proven solution for both logic and memory wafer testing. We have the capability to build probe cards up to 81 Duts with probe count exceeding 3000 probes. We have also patented the step ring design for high-parallelism cards. This design allows uniform contact force between the inner and outer rows and enables use of uniform probe diameter. Integrating proven design rules with precision manufacturing, we are capable of building multi-dut probe cards with large array sizes and flexible configurations. JEM's multi-dut probing solutions will offer the following benefits to our customers:

  • Increased throughput by reducing the no. of touchdowns and cost of test
  • Minimized repair & maintenance of probe cards due to few touchdowns required
  • Reduced cost of ownership and capital investment


Step Ring Design
32-DUT Probe Card
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