Design Service

JEM America offers custom design and fabrication services for Printed Circuit Boards, Motherboards, and Load Boards/Interface Boards to meet our customers' probing needs. By working closely with tester companies, we have a well-established library of tester templates for a variety of tester platforms. Our in-house designers utilize advanced design software such as Cadence Allegro V15.2 and AutoCad 2003 to generate design plots. Standard deliverables such as Gerber files or fabrication files in DXF format will be sent to customers for approval prior to fabrication. During the fabrication phase, our designers work with our fabrication house as a team to ensure that customer's specifications and requirements are met.

Our design and fabrication services are offered at competitive prices and with fast turnaround times. Expedited design and fabrication services are also available to help you achieve your demanding schedules.

Printed Circuit Boards

We have extensive experience in designing device-specific PCB's as well as universal PCB's. We can handle complex designs with more than 40 layers. The followings are some highlights of our design capabilities:

  • Minimal probe and trace lengths
  • Impedance control
  • Matched line lengths
  • Differential pairs
  • Minimal cross-walk
  • Expertise in materials selection for high temp, low leakage, and high speed applications


Our motherboard designs support API's probe card analyzers (PRV, PRVX, PRVX2, PRVX3). As part of our design, we simulate tester conditions (e.g. pogo pin load, support reference, channel assignment). Most designs, fabrication and assemblies can be completed in 5 to 7 weeks.

Load Boards/Interface Boards

In 2003, we expanded our design and fabrication services to cover load boards / interface boards. A well-designed load board allows full test and measurement of the DUT (Device Under Test) without distortion, noise, delays, nor errors to the testing process of the DUT. Our designers pay close attention to major design areas in power supply routing, signal routing, connectors and components to ensure good signal fidelity as well as mechanical performance. Most designs, fabrication and assemblies can be completed in 5 to 7 weeks.


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