Special Applications
JEM America offers probe cards for various special applications. If you are interested in getting more details about these products, please contact your JEM sales representative or JEM America directly.

CEN-Series Probe Cards

  • Probe cards are made with NP probe materials.
  • Suitable for Au bumps (LCD drivers), Al pads on memory, Circuit Under Pad (CUP),  low-k and other sensitive devices.
  • Softness characteristic of NP probe provides the following benefits:
    • Less damage on pads after probing
    • Low contact force
    • Smaller scrub mark
    • Very stable contact resistance
    • Reduced online cleaning frequency

Ultra Fine Pitch

  • Ultra fine pitch against gold bumps and aluminum pads. For the latest pitch specs, contact your JEM sales representative.
  • By using a special tip treatment, we can achieve minimum scrub damage while maintaining good contact.
  • Small-size probes allow a long-lasting service life due to dispersed stress in each probe.

High Speed

  • Coaxial probes enable probing of high speed devices. For the latest bandwidth specs, contact your JEM sales representative.
  • Coaxial probes can be connected to 50-ohm coaxial cable or SMA connectors.
  • Regular non-coaxial probes for ground or power can be mounted along with the coaxial probes.

High Current

  • Developed for power devices such as power transistors.
  • Specially designed high-current, spring-loaded probes.


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