VS-Series Probe Cards

The VS-Series Probe Cards are the technology recommended for probing area arrays (solder bumps or Cu bumps), microprocessors, logic devices as well as a wide variety of memory devices and multi-dut probing applications. The VS-Series card features spring probes with crown tip shape which are developed to achieve precise probe position accuracy and planarity. These probes not only provide highly reliable contact and stable contact resistance, they also support lower probe force and minimal probe marks, making VS-Series Probe Card ideal for today's advanced packaging techniques. Individual spring probes and probe head unit can be removed and replaced, thus delivering an economical cost of ownership.

To provide design flexibility to customers, VS-Series Probe Cards are designed to support attachment methods such as wire space transformers, Multi-Layer Organic (MLO), as well as Multi-Layer Ceramic (MLC). With customer-supplied MLO package, we utilize a reflow process to attach the package onto the PCB. This option is more cost effective than using the MLC substrates. It also reduces the manufacturing cycle time substantially.


At the 2005 Southwest Test Workshop, JEM participated in a joint presentation to demonstrate how VS-Series Probe Cards can be used to control contact resistance instability and improve first pass yield of bumped devices.  To get a copy of the presentation, click here to download.   
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